The Fumidor tells a cautionary tale of misplaced morality, hypocrisy, the dangers of excess and the search for love. The terrifying legend of a murderer convinces a small town that they should become radically sin-free. When a stranger comes to town, bringing irresistible temptations with him, the facade of the pure and chaste inhabitants begins to crumble, revealing a painfully dark secret.

Written and Directed by Peter Bramley
Original Songs by Lucy Egger
Associate Director - Ben Alexander
Designed by Emma Jesse

"The quality of storytelling here is exemplary" - The Stage

 "The presentation is exuberantly imaginative." - British Theatre Guide

"Writer and director Peter Bramley has concocted an enthralling story to keep
his audience genuinely gripped" - Croydon Guardian

Original version presented as OINK!    Co-Production Arena Festival, Erlangen, Germany 2007

Original version presented as OINK!

Co-Production Arena Festival, Erlangen, Germany 2007

Blue Inc. Theatre presented the first version of this play in 2003 at the New York and Philadelphia Fringe Festivals. It had been largely devised by the cast and named The Tale of Rancor. It was later rewritten and produced by Pants on Fire as OINK!, as a co-production with the Arena Festival, Erlangen Germany, June-July 2007 with support from Stage One New Producers Bursary.

Hannah Bentley
Peter Bramley
Ines Häuser
Marina Kopp
Sarah Owen

It was then further developed in 2011 as The Fumidor in association with Rose Buford College with kind support from the International Youth Arts Festival, Kingston. It opened at the Barn Theatre Rose Bruford College, then transferred to IYAF Kingston and played for 27 performances at the Warehouse Theatre in Croydon. 

Grub - Tom Dunlea
Father Rankensour - Raymi Renee
Granny Dodderspittle - Heather Winstanley
Cankerotti - Geraint Edwards (Barn & IYAF), Peter Bramley (Croydon)
Madame Slacktrout - Penda Fall (Barn), Jessica Pearson (IYAF), Gillian Mackie (Croydon)
Sister Ammonia - Nicolette Minster (Barn & IYAF), Sally McDonald (Croydon)
Lady Snoozemiester - Jill McAusland (Barn & IYAF), Stephanie McGregor (Croydon)
Pierre Parvenu - Joey Hickman (Barn), Ryan Hacker (IYAF), Lewis Matthews (Croydon)

Director - Peter Bramley
Original Songs by Lucy Egger
Additional music by Joey Hickman
Design - Emma Jesse
Associate Director (Croydon) - Ben Alexander
Technical Team (Croydon) - Joe Brown & Kathryn Delaney
Creative Collaborators - Carolyn Cohagan, Dawn Fleming, Darren Hunsley, Luke Kernaghan,
Erica Roberts, Iain Tidbury & Samantha Wright