Pants on Fire will be curating and hosting a festival of one-person performances in London, towards the end of this year.We are looking to collaborate with writers and performers or performers who write to produce a festival of solo-story performances.The dates and venue for this event are yet to be established, and will be confirmed when we have more of a sense of the size and needs of the project, according to what kind of response we get. It’s our intention to develop this as an ongoing project, so if, for example, you submitted something this time around, but it turned out you were not available for the dates we schedule, there will be other future opportunities, so is still well worth submitting.

The basic premise of this collaborative project is:

You write and perform it - Pants on Fire directs it and produces it.

This project is in the spirit of pure creative collaboration, built on an understanding that it is a project which is of mutual benefit. For you, it is an opportunity to collaborate and develop your work with a platform to show it, for Pants on Fire, it is an opportunity to create innovative theatre and work with new writers and performers.

If you have an idea for a piece, please read our criteria below.


We will accept submissions from a team (writer and performer) or from individual performers who write their own pieces. We are happy to accept submissions from writers who have not yet found a performer to work with however at the present time we are unable to accept submissions from actors without a piece.

  • Must be newly written and not a pre-existing performance

  • Must be no longer than 15 minutes in length

  • Must be complete in itself, so not a section of a longer performance

  • Not just a monologue: in other words we are not looking for one character speaking from one character’s point of view (no ‘talking heads’) or a stream of consciousness from a single character

  • Must have theatrical possibility – we are not looking for an intimate psychological insight into thoughts and feelings but want this piece to be primarily driven by action

  • Must be a story – not a sketch, stand-up or an act but rather have a structure which takes the audience on a journey which culminates in an outcome

We love a challenge, and we want to work to explore the endless possibilities of solo performance. One performer can be a family of 12 arguing around a kitchen table, one performer can be a riot, one person can be a city on fire – don’t let the feasibility of staging be your concern. In submitting this work you must be open to collaborate with Pants on Fire both in terms of writing and performance. This could mean your ideas radically change through rewriting, editing or staging in a way that may not have been what you intended when you started writing. We are excited to work together with you to take your story on a journey and watch it evolve until its final performance at the festival.


Our deadline for submissions is Monday 15th April. In order to submit your story for consideration please send us the following

  • A finished script or detailed synopsis of your story/idea

  • Your CV

  • A cover letter telling us how this collaboration would be of benefit to you.

Pants on Fire will read all submissions and select them according to theatrical potential. We may invite you to attend a workshop audition to give us both an opportunity to work together. If selected, the only obligation we would ask of each participant would be to agree to sell an allocated minimum number of tickets for the festival. This would be split equally among all participants and is TBD depending on the venue for the festival. The project will be solely funded and budgeted on this principal.